Sunday, August 01, 2010

Announcing Folding with Renee Ballard

I am offering an online class on folding. Beginning August 30 2010. This class is designed to help you with fun folding techniques. We will create 20 projects all using folds. I hope to inspire you with some fresh new projects. Please join me as we share and create with folds.

•click on the Pay Pal link below and pay the $20 (Canadian) class fee. If you are anything other than Canadian, then Pay Pal is the link for you....Pay Pal will convert it to your dollar value (US, Australian ect....)

•If you are Canadian, go to and place a minimum $50 order and receive the class FOR FREE!

•email me privately at if you are interested in sending a cheque (You may have to cut and paste my email address into your email as sometimes the link does not work)

How does the class work?

•On August 30th, you will receive an invitation from NING inviting you to join Renee Ballard on Folding with Renee Ballard
•You simply follow the links provided in this email, register with your email address, set your password and then I will approve your membership
•When convenient for you, you can go to the website and check out each of the daily posts!
•PLUS there is an online gallery for you to SHARE or see others creations
•Chats are also available if you are interested in getting to know some of the other members of the class!
•There will be PDF’S for you to print off and use for your self or to use in your own classes.

Here is the PAY PAL Link:

Now here is the best part!!! Visit my blog during our 2 week Artisan Award Winners blog hop and leave a comment as I will be drawing 1 winner each week to join the class for FREE!!! The hop starts tomorrow August 2nd. This means that if you comment each day you will be entered into the draw 5 times. So visit daily to increase your chances of winning. If you have already paid for the class I will refund you. So, leave me a comment and I look forward to having you join my class!!!! I hope you are all enjoing your weekend!


Take Care,


  1. I'm excited for you Renee!!! Keep me posted!!!

  2. I think the folding class sounds great!!! Count me in!!